Lithium Ion 56V

Shindaiwa Cordless Accessories

56V Lithium-Ion 2AHR or 4AHR Battery

Shindaiwa offers two batteries rated at either 2 amp-hours or 4 amp-hours. Each of these batteries can be used for all models. The capacity and charge times for each are listed below.

2 AHR Battery
  • Capacity: 92 watt-hours
  • Charge Time to 100% Standard Charger: 72 minutes
  • Charge Time to 100% Rapid Charger: 42 minutes
  • Part #: 99945600200
4 AHR Battery
  • Capacity: 185 watt-hours
  • Charge Time to 100% Standard Charger: 150 minutes
  • Charge Time to 100% Rapid Charger: 88 minutes
  • Part #: 99945600201

56V Lithium-Ion Standard Charger or Rapid Charger

Shindaiwa offers two chargers: a standard charger (which is included in all non-W models) and a rapid charger. The rapid charger will charge your battery faster than the standard charger. Each of the chargers can be used with either of the batteries. The charge times for each battery are listed with the battery descriptions above.

Standard Charger
  • Part #: 99945600300
Rapid Charger
  • Part #: 99945600301

Speed-Feed® 400 Trimmer Head

The Speed-Feed® trimmer head is the fastest loading bump-to-advance style head on the market. In fact, it can be reloaded without disassembly in 30 seconds or less.

Speed-Feed® 400 Trimmer Head
  • Part #: 78890-30000

0.080" Silentwist™ Trimmer Line

The smooth-glide spiral shape of the Shindaiwa Silentwist™ trimmer line offers ultra-low noise, decreased vibration for smoother cutting, increased trimmer head speed compared to round, square, and star-shaped lines, and better elongation before trimmer line fracture.

Clamshell Loops 40’
  • Part #: 808000
1/2-Pound Donuts 61m
  • Part #: 808002
1-Pound Donuts 122m
  • Part #: 808001
3-Pound Spools 366m
  • Part #: 808003
5-Pound Spools 610m
  • Part #: 808005